Are your systems backdoor free?

Make your hardware critical infrastructure ready!

What we can do for you


We protect your software supply chain with hardware security


We find risks before attackers actively exploit them


Be compliant with the latest ICT/SBOM and German CRITIS requirements


Integrates with your SIEM and security operations team


We detect threats before they spread and lead to extensive costs

Use cases

Firmware Monitoring and Compliance

Leading companies utilize immune Guard to automatically check devices for firmware vulnerabilities and malware.

In 2022 US companies need to comply with new laws on firmware security. Using immune firmware assessments will enable enterprises to be compliant.

Secure Data Center and Endpoint Devices

Detect breaches in your infrastructure and isolate infected devices immediately. Our solution integrates seamlessly as part of your existing security instruments.

Our detection is based on existing hardware security (like TPM 2.0) inside your device.

Automatic Firmware Updates

Linux Vendor Firmware Service powered enterprise updates and fleet management. Eases the process of firmware updates for your entire infrastructure.

Reduce hours of manual work and testing by automating your workflows to cut down on maintenance costs!

immune guard server

How it works

We integrate open-source and agentless into your OS

immune Guard can be used as SaaS or installed into Private Cloud environments (On-Prem).

  • Monitoring

    We monitor your device fleet and provide information about risks and threats through UI, REST API and SIEM connectors.

  • Manage

    We manage the security of your device fleet and offer group policies for compliance.

  • Support

    Our open-source agent supports Microsoft Windows, Linux and VMWare ESXi.

immune guard dashboard screenshot immune guard device view screenshot