Next Generation Endpoint Protection

immune Guard

Simple, trusted and easy integration

How it works


We protect firmware, Microsoft OS, Linux OS and virtual machines by attestation


Full stack malware detection from firmware to apps


Deep incident insight for tampered devices and platform recovery


Integrates with your SIEM or event logging solution


Unique platform identification through trusted computing technology

Use cases

Firmware Pentesting and Compliance

Leading companies utilize immune Guard to automatically test clients and servers on firmware vulnerabilities and malware.

In 2022 US companies need to comply with new laws on firmware security. Using immune firmware assessments will enable enterprises to be compliant.

Secure Data Center

Detect breaches in your infrastructure and isolate infected devices immediately. Our solution integrates seamlessly into your existing endpoints.

Our anomaly detection is based on a hardware trust anchor inside your device.

Automatic Firmware Updates

Linux Vendor Firmware Service powered enterprise updates and fleet management. Eases the process of firmware updates for your entire infrastructure.

Reduce hours of manual work and testing by automating your workflows to cut down on maintenance costs!

immune guard server


We integrate as standalone non-persistent sensor into your OS

immune Guard is a Software-as-a-Service solution.

  • Provide

    Pentesting and Devops teams can directly use our frontend. Enterprises with a SIEM can use our SaaS backed as additional event source.

  • Manage

    It manages all devices, monitors their integrity and enforces security policies.

  • Support

    Our sensor supports Windows, Linux and VMWare ESXi virtual machines.

immune guard dashboard screenshot immune guard devices screenshot