Simple, trusted & easy integration

immune Guard

The datacenter malware shield.

How it works


Protects data event after the system has been compromised


Malware and targeted attack detection from BIOS to operating system level


Deep incident insight for tampered devices and platform recovery


Automatic network isolation and alerting


Unique platform identification through trusted computing technology

Use cases

Server Fleet Management

immune Guard is able to monitor hardware and BIOS/UEFI configuration of different components.

Outdated system or insecure configuration of platforms can be automatically detected.

Secure Data Center

immune Guard detects malware and targeted attacks on the BIOS/UEFI down to the operating system. Securing data based on Trusted Computing Technology for the whole server fleet.

Shielded Virtual Machines

immune Guard is not restricted to physical machines, but can also protect VMs from modifications of their boot chains.

The cloud management system will be able to query the immune Guard API for the integrity status of each virtual machine and thus predicate access to sensitive resources on the integrity, security and identity of the VM.

immune guard server


The immune Guard Agent runs on every device protected by immune Guard.

immune Guard uses the platforms Trusted Computing Technology to identify the device, create signed integrity information and asses the platform configuration.

  • Provide

    The management interface provides a comprehensive REST API for automation and integration into other applications.

  • Manage

    It manages all devices, monitors their integrity and enforces security policies.

  • Support

    The agent supports Windows, Linux and FreeBSD operating systems.

immune Guard Cloud allows devices to be secured without the need to host anything. Alternatively, immune Guard can be deployed as a dedicated appliance and works without access to the internet.

immune guard dashboard screenshot immune guard devices screenshot